Saturday, 30 January 2016

Late Night Rambles..

You know those moments when someone tells you you can't do something? 

Yeah those, I hate those moments. I personally never understand the gratification or pleasure someone takes in bringing someone down, like why would someone do that? Why can't you show faith and confidence in someone who tells you their dreams or ambition? Why is that such a hard concept for someone to digest? Each individual is capable of anything they want to achieve, their strengths, flaws, imperfections, personality, attitude, belief makes that person unique and special, and I strongly believe every single person on the planet is perfect the way they are and they can achieve anything they want to. ANYTHING! I really dislike the way people treat one another, especially how they treat females like they are some kind of underdogs? What pleasure can someone possible take in undermining a woman's capability? Like why?  I really hate it when people do that especially when I tell them I want a career in a male dominated industry. They are just like 'yeah good luck with that' or 'nice try'  I am just like whaaatttt???

Why do people like the feeling of 'superiority' and make others feel inferior? I hate it when people do this, I especially hate it when I let them to do this to me, its like I give them permission to say whatever they want about me and it is okay for them to do that. No one ever gets the consent or has the right to make another person feel inferior. I hate the self doubt that creeps in to my mind and I think think think and over think about it even when the person has gone. How is that okay? I spend the rest of the day in a gloom, not wanting to do anything since my mood is spoilt by that one conversation yet the other person carries on like nothing ever happened? How can people act so insensitive towards one another? We as humans are naturally built to be kind, considerate and compassionate towards each other, it is innate. Yet there are such people who have the audacity to tell other people what they can and can't do, like woaaahhh there mate, who made you the boss? I wish people would stop judging and let people do whatever it is they want, be whoever they want to be and let them decide whatever it is they want. Freedom of choice yet certain people forget that....I need to make a firm resolve to not let people like that get to me, I don't like it when I waste time due to one person who has no meaning in my life whatsoever and discourages me to leave my ambitions, dreams and goals behind.

I try to inspire myself with reading someone's journey of how they overcome a certain obstacle. I really admire people like Robert Downey Jr who turned his life around and now is one of the top paid actors. Or like Emma Watson who fights for Equal Rights and inspires so many people around the world like me.


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      Thank you for this! I will surely check the post out. I followed you btw :)


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