Thursday, 31 December 2015

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

See Ya 2015, Hello 2016. Hello To The New Year

So??? Can you believe 2016 is already here? I mean like woaaahhhhh slow down! I remember starting 2015 and thinking it will be the best year ever! 
This year just like every year was a roller coaster ride, but I would say a good one. I lost some things and gained better instead, like they say old things need to go for better things to be replaced. I am thankful for everything that has happened, it has made me become stronger as a person and know myself better. The only thing I wish for everyone is...

My Wish For The New Year 
2016 just Believe That Good Things Are On Their Way

~Again, I...
I Wish You All A Happy New Year

New Year Resolution: The one thing I hope to achieve is make more time for reading books, I am terrible at it. 

Does anyone have any new year resolutions? What are some of things that you guys would like to accomplish in 2016? Dream big, always fight for your dreams and never let anyone tell you cannot do anything. You can be anything and do anything that makes you happy. Always stay true to yourself! :)


Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Lakewood Series #1

Title: The Concealed
Author: Sarah Kleck
Published: 1st November 2015
My Rating: 4/5
Recommend: Yes

After her parents died in a car accident when she was just a child, Evelyn Lakewood was left alone in the world. Now grown up, she enrolls at Oxford University, where she begins to create a new, stable life.
But when she encounters Jared Calmburry, who she later discovers is an orphan with his own tragic history, the equilibrium she was striving for is thrown off. Instantly drawn to this mysterious stranger with the incredible blue eyes, and confounded by the unusual events that occur whenever they meet, Evelyn resolves to investigate further. What she finds will startle her beyond measure: an ancient legacy of magic, a centuries-old secret society, and a foreboding legend with her and Jared at its center. As she follows a cryptic trail, Evelyn will discover clues to her own painful past, answers she hadn’t even been looking for—and a passionate love she cannot resist despite the dangers it brings.

I received this book in an exchange for an honest review, thanks to Xpresso Book Tours

First of all, can we establish the fact this book was written in German and it is translated in to English??? :O LIKE OHMYGOSH!!! This book is soooo good, it reminds me of why I like reading mythical folklore legendy type books! What a beautiful cover, this day just keeps getting better and better! :D 

I really like the way Sarah twisted this book in another direction with the British Literature and combined it with romance, drama, action, magic and hot gorgeous boy? (who doesn't love a handsome fella right? *swoons*)

Evelyn is a very strong character with a lot of tenactity, however she has cracks like there are in every mirror. She is very fragile and distraught after what happened to her sister Zara and her parents :(. I love how easygoing she is and is instantly liked by everyone (except by Karen, Madison and Aiden maybe). She is a very fierce lover and would do anything for her loved ones. I love how she starts new friendships with Ruth and Sally, both are instantly likeable. They both become close to her like family which she is constantly craving, I like the connection Evelyn forms with these two!

Felix is a bit psycho if you ask me, I don't like him very much. I don't feel sorry for him, but unsure whether he deserves the pity or not after what he does.

Cole? He is another hotser! (did you just make up a word that does not exist? *confused face*). I love how he immediately has faith in Evelyn and Jared's love and his faith never wavers even if other authority figures are not so happy! He does not blame Evelyn for what she is not at fault for and supports her everyway even though he does not know her properly. In fact, he even tries to help Evelyn and Jared with understanding one another when they are forced to be separated thanks to a certain someone *mentions no name*

Finally, Jared!!!! ohmygod!! Don't even get me started! Is it possible for someone as handsome, totally hot, charming, generous, loyal and fierce like him to even exist??? He is so amazing once we get to know his backstory and why he disappears every time he sees Evelyn and comments with very vague answers. I was totally surprised with the heritage for both Jared and Evelyn, now that was not something I was expecting!

Let's just say, these two people go back way in time, like way in time and are forced to be apart by a certain someone whoe does not want Jared to die as she thinks this is because of Evelyn. And then the cliffhanger? Like why then! Why I am tortured for another year until the second book comes out? Nevermind, I cannot wait!
Till next time! Adios! 

Westbrook #2

Title: Numb
Author: Laura Clark
Published: 4th September 2015
My Rating: 5/5
Recommend: Yes

Laila has read that letter a thousand times, and yet she still doesn't believe it. He left too many things unresolved. She desperately wants to find answers, but it's impossible since the one person that can give her those answers is MIA.

Each day melts into the next. Laila tries to keep herself busy, but it's not enough. No matter how hard she tries to forget, there is always something that reminds her of him.

At her very best, Laila is numb.

What happens when Laila is suddenly confronted with her past, and she is forced to make a choice between the boy who owns her heart, and the one that wants to steal it away? 

I received this book in an exchange for an honest review

This book was so heartbreaking, I really felt all of Laila's emotion, I was sad when she was sad, numb when she was and felt like my heart was broken in to a million pieces with her!!!

I cannot belive what she went through all because of Kyle and Sam, why did you Sam? I fell in love with you in the first book and vouched for you? How could you do that to her? Did your heart not crack when she cried?

If you thought Laila was conflicted in the first book, then your in for a surprise in this book! She is very conflicted in this book but all within good reason! How could you not feel something for Sam and Trevor? With those piercing green eyes and sparking blue eyes? Exactly! You would be weak in the knees, that is exactly how she and we as the reader can't help but feel!

Avery and Trevor are really supportive and help Laila through this heart break, I really enjoyed watching Laila become stronger and work through this. She even takes a job and starts dating Gavin to try and move on and get on with her life.

Did I mention I love Marge? No? Well I do now, she is such a breath of fresh air, you cannot help but fall in love with her personality. She is such a likable character, never judging Laila for being involved with three guys. I am so glad she was introduced in this book! I think Gavin won me over with his politeness and how easy going he is. He really likes Laila and makes her feel she does not need to impress anyone but herself. I really admire that about 


The ending? What a shock, now that was something I was not expecting to happen! I cannot wait to read the next book although Trevor did not need to be a jerk towards the end!

Friday, 4 December 2015

Westbrook #3

Title: Laws of Motion
Author: Laura Clark
Published: 4th December 2015
My Rating: 5/5
Recommend: Yes

Everything is finally as it should be, or so it seems. As Laila attempts to settle into her new relationship, she finds it difficult to surrender her heart. Deep down, she’s worried about getting hurt again. Desperate to remain in control, she makes some rash decisions that could jeopardize her future. Will Laila be able to salvage her newfound happiness?

Trevor gets caught day-dreaming during Physics class. Unfortunately, it is the wrong class for him to space out in. Mr. Bonner has it out for jocks and Trevor is no exception. As punishment, he is forced to write an essay about how the Laws of Motion apply to his every-day life. Trevor doesn't realize the significance of this assignment at first, but he quickly discovers that Newton's Laws might be exactly what he needs to understand how to deal with his own struggles with relationships.

Physics might just end up being the simple answer to everyone's uncertainty about love.

I received this book in an exchange for a honest review

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laura!!! Why did you do this!!!! I had a feeling this was going to happen no!!!!! I feel like you ripped my heart out and stomped all over it! Why did you do this to my poor baby (Sam)? WHY!! :'(



The grief has taken over every emotion I feel right now, will this ever end? :'(

Oh God! How do I even begin to write this review? I have been postponing this for as long as I can, I knew the moment I was writing the review I will fall apart! This book continues exactly where it left off between Sam and Laila kissing but it has fast forwarded a month I think.

Things get really intense for Laila, as she is juggling between Gavin, Sam and Trevor. There was always this heated intense moment between Trevor, Sam and Laila already without including Gavin. But does it get intense in this book, it goes off the charts!

How do I describe this book without telling the story or giving too much away?

I think this book everyone sort of knows what they want and go after it, they also face the mistakes they made and either live with it or make amends; it doesn't go that way for everyone though (you will know what I mean if you have the read the book).

Laila grows up alot in this book, she tries to be honest and just admit what she is feeling not much lies are being told. Albeit, she is running away from the situation at times and is very conflicted with her feelings for both Trevor and Sam. We also see Avery being very friendly with Kyle who shares the same sentiment. Avery is a very good friend, she has Laila's back at all times considering she is very popular and how beautiful she is but that does not stop her from being a good person I liked her alot in this book.

Kyle cares and loves Laila alot, the only thing is he has a very funny way of showing it and can act oblivious to how much his words can hurt her sometimes but it is good to know that he does have a affectionate side, I just wish he would stop being a complete jerk to his sister especially when he is always calling favours from her! Seriously grow up man!

I am glad with the way things ended, although it was alot of confusion to go through and wondering who Laila will end up with but I can see why she does. It is a very bittersweet ending! I love that Trevor finally gets Laila cos he toally deserves her as he suports her through thick and thin whereas Sam doesn't. I kind of feel like because Sam does not fight harder for and because he broke her heart that summer he leads Laila to Trevor otherwise she would have ended up with him! What a bummer, I had high hopes for Sam. I am still secretly wishing that Laila and Trevor break up and she gets back with Sam. Wishful thinking? Maybe, but I fell in love with Sam which is most likely why I am blind to Trevor's love for Laila. Lol I have this sense of deja Vu where Laila feels and says the exact same words. What I loved most about this series was how real life it was, this story could have been anyone, I could have been Laila or will be :).



Westbrook #1

Title: Distraction
Author: Laura Clark
Published: 22nd August 2015
My Rating: 5/5
Recommend: Yes

Seventeen-near-old, Laila Patterson, would never describe her heart as fickle. She understands the difference between reality and fantasy, which is why Sam Woodson is not realistic boyfriend material. After all, he is in college, and college boys simply do not date high school girls. Plus, he is Laila’s older brother’s best friend. According to the unspoken bro-code, messing around with your friend’s little sister is pretty high on the list of forbidden taboos.

What happens when Laila discovers that her secret crush on Sam isn’t quite so one-sided? What if the only way to keep him is to keep their relationship hush-hush? Is Sam worth all of the lying and sneaking around?

As if things weren’t confusing enough with Sam, an old family friend suddenly shows up after being gone for more than three years. She isn't expecting Trevor Maddox to move back to Westbrook. She isn't expecting him to attend her high school, and she certainly isn't expecting him to be so damned gorgeous.

Laila doesn't want or need this unexpected distraction. . . or does she?  

I received this book in an exchange for a honest review


OHMYGOSH!!!! What have you done to me Laura? This series is all I can think about when I am not meeting my deadlineS or revising my ass of for a test! I JUST CANNOT GET HOW HOT SAM AND TREVOR ARE!!!

There is truly no way to describe this book, anyway I do will not do the book any justice. I cannot believe this is your first series, the way you have eloquently written this book proves something else. Honestly this is one of the best books I have ever read and it seemed to get me out of the reading slump so thank you for that! Hooray!

Laila is pure innocence in this book, there is no way to describe her anyway else. Avery? Truly a best friend with a heart of gold, getting to know her throught out the whole book makes me want to make her my best friend. I hope I meet a Avery one day! :)

Kyle is shown to be very annoying in this book or atleast from Laila's perspective, they are not really close even though the age difference is not very big at all but Kyle acts like it is which is why he broke Sam and Laila up. I can't decide if I hate or love Kyle, I guess it is one of those things that you hope will knock some sense in to him.

As much as I want to favour Trevor and how much it is emphasised how hot it is, I can't help but favour Sam. He is like my Sammy boy (lovestruck). I have to admit what he did to Laila was him being a BIG FAT JERK!!! It doesn't make it right even if he did think he was doing the right thing, it seemed like he was choosing Kyle over Laila which I get it I do but seriously?

If you want a book full of romance, laughs, action, drama then this book is for you! 

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