The Book of Ivy #2

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Title: The Revolution of Ivy
Author: Amy Engel
Published: 3rd November 2015
My Rating: 5/5
Recommend: Yes

Ivy Westfall is beyond the fence and she is alone. Abandoned by her family and separated from Bishop Lattimer, Ivy must find a way to survive on her own in a land filled with countless dangers, both human and natural. She has traded a more civilized type of cruelty--forced marriages and murder plots--for the bare-knuckled brutality required to survive outside Westfall's borders.

But there is hope beyond the fence, as well. And when Bishop reappears in Ivy's life, she must decide if returning to Westfall to take a final stand for what she believes is right is worth losing everything she's fought for

I received this book in an exchange for an honest review, thanks to YA Book tours

WOAAAHHHH!!!!! OHMYWORD!!! This book was amazing, I loved it so much!

This book picks off exactly where it left off, I have to say I was devastated with the ending in the first book and this book is so much worse! I can't get over the horror and enormity of what happens to Ivy out of my head.

Ivy is a truly remarkable character in this, her tenacity and willingness to survive is something we can all reflect from. I love her so much! 
Oh and Bishop! The way that both of them meet is sooooo romantic and at the same time heartfelt, bitter-sweet is how I would explain it. Bishop is sooo hot! ;)

Mark takes a very surprise comeback in the plot, I am finally happy that he ends up dying that too by Bishop. Yay Bishop!

But honestly, seeing and reading the way Bishop and Ivy work on themselves and their relationship is truly inspiring. It is even more difficult for them to reconcile after the events of the first book, but they get an unexpected family in the form of Ash and Caleb. I really loved both of these new characters, they added more spice to the story and made it more enjoyable reading.

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