Thursday, 17 November 2016

How To Choose Between Ebooks Or Hard Copies?

I have been thinking about this a lot, and you know what? I can't decide for the life of me, both physical books and ebooks have their pros and cons and I think at the end of the day is really about preference. TING TING!!! Lets find out shall we? 🔔 🔔

1.  Smell

The Smell? Yes the smell, I am not talking crazy just stay with the me on this one. What I mean about the smell is of the book, with physical (hardback or paperback) there is this aroma from the pages which cannot be explained. Unless you go around smelling each ebook with people telling you your crazy, the scent is incomparable.

I think we can safely say physical copy won this round, 0 for ebook

2.  Write

One bad thing about reading ebooks is you can't write on them  or dog-ear them and put bookmarks in them. Although, with current apps you can write notes or highlight them but its not the same thing, however, one thing I like about ebooks is you can find the notes you made or pages marked quite easily with physical books you would have to put so many bookmarks in there to remember each little thing.

1 point for ebooks and 1 point for physical copies, ooh Team P (easier to remember that way) are winning so far!

3. Touch

You can't really touch ebooks or turn the pages not the way you can with a physical book and sometimes that is saddening (not unless you count touching the screen)

1 point for Team P 

4. Accessibility

Ebooks are more easily accessible than physical books. Ebooks are anywhere and everywhere, you can practically read it anywhere and pick up right where you left off. And in some countries its much easier to read on ebooks than physical books since they might get a small selection of English language books in their country.

1 point for Team E, they are catching up

5. Eye Strain

Sometimes with staring at the screen too much (laptop or phone) you can often get a eye strain, its also not healthy to stare at the screen for so many hours which can lead to tired, burning, dry eyes. You don't need to worry about battery with print copies. #ebookproblems

1 point for Team P 

6.  Price

Ebooks are a lot cheaper than physical books, with how much you pay for a print copy you can get numerous ebooks for the same amount, which means you get more books to read (hooray for ebooks, oh no for print copies)

1 point for Team E 

7. Library

There are no issues with this one, you can create a library both with ebooks and physical copies the only difference is one would be virtual (no issues at all).

Both teams get 1 point each 

I think it is safe to conclude it is a draw for both, but at the end of the day it really is down to preference. Sometimes I prefer ebooks simply because I am out all the time and because I know I have my phone with me I know I can read whenever I get the chance, other times you want to just hold the book in your hands. So I love both!

Are you a e-reader? Or do you prefer physical copies? Let me know in the comments below

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