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 Hi Fellow Book Lovers! :)

UPDATE (30/03/16): Due to the overwhelming requests over the past few months, I am afraid I am not taking any requests at the moment. I hope you understand and apologies!

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 Cute right? :)

My Rating:

1/5 so not my taste!

2/5 not too bad!

3/5 okayish!

4/5 I am falling in love!

5/5 LOVIN IT, died and went to heaven!

I am not a very picky reader, I do love all genre's and would be more than happy to accept; ARC's, Ebooks, Indie Press Books and Finished copies. I do however, judge a book by it's cover and blurb (don't we all?) so I may not accept all requests depending on if I find the book enthralling ('alluring' might be a better term) or not. I don't accept any audio books, otherwise any format will do :) (Sorry, but I have a very little attention span when it comes to listening to any audio books,  I tend to deviate and go oblivious! I can't help that, who doesn't stare off into space and go in their own world, right?) *gets embarrassed*

Please Note: I do not accept any genres which are Non-Fiction related

I write reviews for every book I read, the review will be posted on here, Goodreads and Amazon  (Note: the reviews will not be much different to one another) . The review will be written in a informal manner explaining what I thought about the book, why I liked it and what I didn't like. I will always give honest reviews, my reviews will always be a reflection of what I thought about the book and if I would recommend to this anyone or not. (I will always state if the book given was in an exchange for an honest review!). You can contact me via email on

On that note, happy reading! :)


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