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Kingdom of the Faeries #1- Banter is the way forward

Title: Edenhart's Rivalry 
Author: J.N. Tomczak
Published: 11th February 2016
My Rating: 4/5
Recommend: Yes

A dark power is rising, and a kingdom is in dire need of a leader when the King of the Faeries falls in battle. Or so, that’s what they’re led to believe, but his only heir and daughter, Aurora, suspects murder.

But when she and her loyal friend Percy, the Captain of the Elite Guard, discover an ancient prophecy foretold by the enigmatic Faerie Sorcerers, Aurora finds herself an unwilling pawn in a dark plot that will threaten everything she holds dear.

Her courage and magic will be her greatest weapons if she hopes to succeed where all others have failed. But will she? Aurora must ask herself this very question: just how far is she willing to go to save her kingdom, and at what costs?

I received this book in an exchange for an honest review

I cried so much in this story, why did you do this???? WHY!!!! PLEASE ANSWER ME!!! NOOOO!!!!!! :'(

I cannot find the words to write this review, I can't decide whether I love this book or hate it. Did he have to die? I had so much hope for him. I was expecting him to whisk Aurora away to a place and bond that was everlasting but then this happened. What's going to happen to Aurora now?

I'm not making any sense am I? Getting ahead of myself again, right

This book had everything from Faeries to Goblins to dragons, this book is a perfect illustration of fantasy . Magic is a very important element in this book, nearly everyone is lusting after it. It had the usual storyline; war is happening, battle between good vs evil, one heroine who is destined to unite all the kingdoms and save the world. I must say, I really enjoyed the prophecy, I mean like really really really enjoyed it. I was desperate to know more and I still want to, what is Aurora destined for?
Aurora's father travels to the dweor land (goblin in case your wondering what it means) only to be murdered by their leader, heartbroken Aurora is now forced to lead her kingdom and people. Something she didn't think would happen so soon. Trouble starts brewing on her coronation day, war is coming and Aurora must warn the other kingdoms. However, that is easier said then done. Aurora loses so much in such a short amount of time, her loved ones are murdered, new allies are made and a possible new love interest. 

I really enjoyed Aurora's character evolving. Aurora is a leader and a force to be reckoned with, she is constantly trying to live up to that status and be like her father. I think she needs to give herself more credit, she is a lot stronger than she thinks. It was such a pleasure to see her finally become her own person, be more confident in her decisions and stand up for herself. I feel like she sometimes tries to please everyone instead of doing what she thinks is right and going with her gut feeling. It was nice to see she had a few people she could count on like Percy (very cute), Mitas (so wise) and then finally Tristan (oh his silver eyes). Now Tristan is a enigma. I loved how confident he is of himself not to mention strong, but more than that he is a mystery. He is hiding something and he doesn't fool anyone. I want to know what he is hiding, what happened to him? I also hope he is the potential love interest for Aurora. I loved their bickering so much! They are both headstrong and stubborn! Yay!

The story is beautifully written, I honestly cannot believe this is one of her first projects but I love it so much! I could imagine every scene that was being described to me, I could almost just taste the blood in the battlefield, the clunk of every sword, death in the air. 

I had two major problems with this story and stopped it from being a 5 star, one the book was very descriptive which meant my brain was on overload. Too much information thrown at me made it hard for me to get in to the book. Secondly, I thought there were some area's that could have been explored in more depth, such as I would have liked to known more about the prophecy. 

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