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#The Echo Series - Eradicate fear by accepting who you are

Title: Echo of The Witch 
Author: Jen Wilde
Published: 1st March 2016
My Rating: 4/5
Recommend: Yes

There is no ‘normal life’ for a witch with a very special gift… 

All Echo Freyer wants is to be an ordinary eighteen-year-old girl. She works in a rundown bookstore in New York City, watches out for her younger sister Wren, and most importantly, always makes it home before sundown. 

When the Shriekers come out to play, even a witch isn’t safe… 

Witches like Echo have been hunted for centuries, their magical souls craved by monsters lurking in the shadows. So far, she’s kept her abilities concealed, sometimes even from herself. But denying your true nature can only last so long. 

She thought she could hide from the creatures and live a normal life. She thought she could run from her power, and she thought she could protect her heart from love. Upon an unlikely introduction to Jai Axel, the latter proves to be harder than she thought. 

When a Hunter spends his days stalking evil, he’ll do whatever he can to hold on to something good… 

Jai isn’t just a normal guy. No normal guy would make Echo feel the way she does, and no normal guy hunts Shriekers. But when Echo discovers she and Jai share much more than sparks, their entire future is in jeopardy. 

With a kingdom of Shriekers hunting for souls, only Echo can save the people she loves from a bitter, torturous end.

As soon as I got this book, I finished this in one sitting! It was so worth it after forgetting to eat or drink and in the end the only thing achieved was a back ache. I love books that capture my attention so much, I am actually immersed in it! oooooh...that should be paraphrased in reference quotes. I am so awesome. 

Oh shoot. I was supposed to say that about the book not me.... awkward 

This book was about Witches. End of. Before we get into this, can we just take a moment to adore how beautiful the cover is. I fell in love with the cover and on impulse just bought the book and I have no regrets. My bank balance be doomed. Echo and Wren are on the run, they are hiding from Shriekers who steal the souls of the witches (very greedy if you ask me). Ever since her mum was murdered by the Shriekers, Echo has vowed to never go back to Elderwood. Only thing is, circumstances change that force her to go back into that one place. Wren and Maia have been kidnapped, Jai and Echo set on a journey to find out where they have been taken. Upon this quest, secrets are revealed. Echo finds out who she really is and how the world depends on Echo saving them all. (spoiler: I loved how Jai and Echo are the reincarnation of two great lovers, she is a queen and him a warrior but most of all how they bring their people together just like before)

This book is great for someone like me and by that I mean someone who is constantly afraid to try new things. I can relate to Echo quite easily as she is scared of trying new things and constantly underestimates herself. Her journey made me want to be a daredevil and just embrace the challenges life brings. Echo and Jai are souls meant to be, Jai is someone who loves and protects, he pushes Echo to the person she needs to be. And along the way, they both fall in love.

Echo starts out being someone who is afraid of change, she doesn't exactly become fearless but she does learn to have faith in herself as the fate of the world depends on it. Sova and Nyxie may have been secondary characters but I loved the mother-daughter so much. They were introduced perfectly, they were exactly what the story needed. Sova acts as the wisdom character who guides Echo with riddles never telling her what to do. 

Oh I forgot to mention, I really love the type of magical abilities that are introduced in this book. My personal fav was Nixie's. I absolutely adore her.

Happy reading!

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