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The Year of Saying Yes: Part 1

Title: The Year of Saying Yes: Part 1
Author: Hannah Doyle
Published: 15th December 2016
My Rating: 5/5
Recommend: YES!

Join Izzy on her journey from January blues to joy. THE YEAR OF SAYING YES by Hannah Doyle will make you dirty-laugh, feel warm and fuzzy, and rediscover life's magic - all thanks to one little word: yes. Fans of Lindsey Kelk, Mhairi McFarlane and Lucy-Anne Holmes, you're in for a real treat.
The first of four exclusive part-serialisations of THE YEAR OF SAYING YES by Hannah Doyle.
Dear Readers
It's drizzling outside, which totally matches my #currentmood. Pigs in blankets, all the mince pies and a festive Baileys or five are distant memories. You know the drill - it's January. Everyone's banning booze (terrible idea) or cutting carbs (impossible). To add to the misery pile, my plans to seduce the man of my dreams at the stroke of midnight flopped spectacularly. 
I'm Izzy. I don't just need a New Year resolution, I need a whole new life. And I need YOU. My dreary life is about to get a total makeover - it's my 'Year of Saying Yes'. And this is where you come in. It's up to you to #DareIzzy. I'm saying yes to your challenges, no matter how nuts, adventurous or wild they are. The sky's the limit - I'm at your mercy, readers! 
Wish me luck. I have a feeling I'm going to need it. 

Izzy x

Don't miss Part 2 of Izzy's adventure, where Izzy is challenged to ask a total stranger for his number, pose naked for a life drawing class and, wait for it... perform at Glastonbury!

This book is exactly as the title suggests, it is a rom com as well as LOL. Prepare yourself readers you will be in hysterics in laughter until your belly hurts. I FREAKING LOVED THIS SERIES SO MUCH! HOW IS IT THAT SUCH A SHORT BOOK IS MY FAVOURITE OF 2017???? I truly have no idea but however it is, I am glad I found it. I feel like I have reunited with my old love. *happily sighs*

Izzy who has been in love with Gorgeous George for the past three years (he is actually her brother in law's brother), during the Christmas she has a to do list on what to do and how to not mess it up. However, unfortunate for Izzy things don't go to plan for her as George reveals he has a girlfriend, Temple. 

Talulah, their feisty editor is looking to bring the magazine sales up, Izzy sparks a great idea and before you know it she has her first feature, The Year of Saying Yes, where her readers come up with dares that she has to try. She gets her readers to use the hashtag, #DareIzzy. Along this awesome and life changing journey she has her best co workers, Lucy and Emma along with her best friend Jamie to help her along the way.

One thing I should mention before I forget, THE BEST SCENE IN THE WHOLE BOOK IS WHEN SHE MEETS ALEX!! OMG!!! I just want to cry laughing whilst thinking about it. Alex is so lovely and great, I really love him!

This book is a year long journey and has three chapters in each book, hence 4 books.

I have to thank S&S, I would have never discovered the author or this amazing series if it was not for them! I really loved this book!

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  1. I don't see a like button... I would so like this though!! It sounds incredible... I love books where the girl meets someone expected and DOES NOT get together with their crush (which is so unrealistic! There is already such unrealistic premises why compound it?@) Anyway they sound totally fun!

    1. Aww...thank you! And yes it was incredible, I loved every minute of it!!!
      I agree with you!!! :)


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