Friday, 13 April 2018

Blogging Hiatus

Hi guys, as some of you may know I found out I was pregnant last August. Between now and then I have discovered the ups and downs of pregnancy and then came the waiting time of labor. I had many reservations about what is going to happen and whether I should just opt for a C- Section since my pain tolerance is so low but I decided to just try a natural birth anyways since being induced has its own kind of pain. It happened. I gave birth to a baby boy on 04/04/18. The labor was nothing like I have ever experienced I am still a little shaken even though it has been a week but it ended up being a traumatic one. I had a lot of stitches done since the tear was quite deep and along with other things (I am not ready to share them yet but maybe one day) it's going to take me a while to fully recover. I am going to take some time off blogging and social media and concentrate on my health first before anything else. Just in case any of you are wondering my family is helping me taking care of the baby.

I hope you guys understand and have a lovely weekend.

Until next time,

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  1. I just nominated you for the mystery blogger award. I hope you'll play along!


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