Friday, 10 July 2015

Trailer #1: The Poltergiest

Ahhhh!!!! OOOOOO...that gives me the chills just looking at that poster!

I can't wait to watch this film, I remember seeing the old version of this film when I was younger and I got really scared but I loved every minute of it! Throughout the whole film I was like---------> *running around scared*

But I love watching horror movies and getting scared, my friends are  too chicken to watch them but I always get my younger cousins to watch them with me, even if we do get nightmares in the end and were acting like lunatics at the showing of the film  
(I hate nightmares of watching the Ring for about 3 days, albeit I don't normally get nightmares but I did get scared watching the first one; got used it by the time I watched the second one) 

This movie is going to be so epic!!!! I can't wait! :D

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