Monday, 28 September 2015

Movie Review: Jurassic World

Movie Details:
Title: Jurassic World 
Release Date: 12th June 2015
Cast: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D' Onofrio, Ty Simpkins, Nick Robinson, Omar Sy, B.D. Wong, Irfan Khan 
Rating: 3/5

This poster is MEGA awesome, I love this picture alot. I have to say Chris Pratt looks HOT in this movie, the last movie I saw of his was Guradians of the Galaxy (which I also loved). 

Where to begin with this movie and where to end? I loved this movie alot, I have to say watching Jurassic movies from a young age I have grown up watching these films, the first film is one of my favourites till date. The sequel was okay I thought, and the third one I did not like at all. But this movie is very similar to the first three, however it does involve a twist. A little spoiler alert; if you have watched each movie, you will notice that in each movie that Dinosaur clan (clan? I don't know why I thought that lol) get intelligent everytime. You have probably guessed where I am leading to, yes the dinosaurs are very clever in this movie almost as if they were human ( I did say, 'as if'). OHMYGOD! T-rex's behaviour at the start of the movie is very astonishing. 
Sneaky ;)  What is even more surprising what Chris Pratt's role in this movie would be, I have to be totally honest when I was watching this I thought what an earth could his role in this movie be? But I was very amused and intrigued. 

What the first 3 films failed to do with opening a famous resort park of Dinosaurs, they accomplish in this film. Jurassic World is a successful resort with all the latest tech and gear, in this movie they accomplish something different entirely. Chris Pratt is a Navy Veteran and a Velociraptor expert (also their trainer). What I found most interesting about these specific dinosaurs is how they work as a team and shown to be incredibly intelligent and devious. It seems as if each dinosaur plays a specialised role and they hunt as a pack. Bryce plays the role of Claire who is the Jurassic World Operations Manager.

The chemistry between these two main characters is an instant, you can practically see it in their eyes at least it seems that way for Owen, not so much for Claire. Although I did get the impression they are old flames as Claire makes a dig at Owen. I loved how Claire is an independent young woman who doesn't need anyone (or man) to live her life to the fullest and be happy. But that all goes wrong when her nephews come to visit and they enter a restricted area. 

The Indominus Rex which is a hybrid created from various DNA from other dinosaurs is shown to be a very intelligent creature as it can camouflage itself and hides its heat from what is supposed to be the top of the range equipment. 

Although some people didn't like the movie saying it was overrated , but I personally think it was better than the first 3 in some sense. This one included humour, is tech savvy, and has some badass characters. I have to admit it has a lot of comparisons with its predecessor's but I like to think this movie itself is a own kind of entertainment. The new cast brings a more refreshing vibe to the franchise, it gives a modern outlook to the film.

This movie is full of surprises, action, a potential love interest (now that I was not expecting), a kiss (maybe), drama and suspense. This movie will grip you till the edge of your seat. I will definitely recommend this movie to all movie lovers out there! 

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