Sunday, 22 May 2016

Movie Review: The Huntsman: Winter's War

Movie Details:
Title: The Huntsman: Winter's War
Release Date: 22nd April 216
Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Emily Blunt, Charlize Theron, Jessica Chasten
Rating: 3/5

Although some critics did not like the movie, I personally LOVED it. Even my friend was a bit hesitant to go and watch it but she too enjoyed the movie very much. This movie is described as prequel as well as a sequel as it tells you what happened to Ravenna before Snow White and after it as well. The most surprising part for me was probably Freya, not only is she the evil queen's sister but I didn't see how her role would be played in to the movie.

NOTE: Before I continue, I probably should have watched the first movie before watching this one but I didn't. I personally didn't see the need for it. 

The story telling part of this movie, I felt like it did very good job. Not only were they on the roll but they pace is not what I would call slow, lets just say you couldn't afford to even miss one second of the movie.

Chris and Jessica's character is not what I expected, more so from Jessica's. She was a badass who kicked some serious butt in this movie, the stunts were simply amazing; she may even saved her lover's life more than once. But her shooting an arrow is shown to be impeccable in the movie, she literally never misses! Chris, on the other hand, very well played his character, I loved his determination to succeed even when it all seemed to be lost and his stunt scenes were amazing too but I personally enjoyed seeing a woman have more the limelight for once. Charlize and Emily were absolutely amazing onscreen, I didn't realise how much of a good actress Charlize is, all her evilness made me want to poke her eyes out.

Oh and the dwarves, oh my they were so hilarious especially the women. LIKE AMAZING!!!!

The CGI and graphics is what sold me the movie the most, I mean have you seen it? Although the goblins looked ugly I did think the artists/creators really outdid themselves with this movie.

Have you seen this movie? What did you most like about this movie? Did you have any not so favourite parts? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. O yes! I loved the movie too! And was glad for once to have strong female characters in a movie!

    1. Oh YES!! So was I!!! I'm glad to see such strong and prominent female characters! :)

  2. I was so disappointed with this movie, unfortunately!! But I did LOVE the evil queens - Emily Blunt completely stole the show <3
    Great review, Aneesa!!

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words


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