Thursday, 5 May 2016

The Siren #1

Title: The Rush
Author: Rachel Higginson
Published: 20th March 2013
My Rating: 4/5
Recommend: Yes  

A life not her own—A future already decided.

Every facet of Ivy Pierce’s life is meticulously planned out and plotted. Cynical and jaded by sixteen, Ivy’s only hope is to escape the legacy she was born into.

She has a plan, a carefully thought out, feasible plan. She just has to play by the rules until everything falls into place. Unfortunately as predictable as her life can be, she never sees Ryder Sutton coming. He tumbles into her life unimpressed and untouched by her and the life she lives. He’s an enigma to her. A gorgeous, frustrating, sincere mystery and a complete phenomenon in the ugly world she lives in.

What blooms between them is a fiercely intense attraction that cannot be ignored. Even though they would both be better off without each other—Even if both their lives depend on staying apart.

I received this book free in an exchange for an honest review

I think this book may just become my new favourite series, I have no idea how I did not come across this series yet!

OHGOD! RYDER is dreamy I could just...*faints* 

Ryder and Ivy are just made for each other, how did it take so long for them to see that? The DAMN KISS!!!! Why did it take so long for them to finally do it? And oh what a kiss it was! 

Nix is a right baddie, I hate the way he controls Ivy's and the rest of the societies life. You do everything according to his standards, and you are 'owned' by him. That's what he wants, he wants to own 'Ivy', why that is not made clear yet. I was shocked to find out there was more than one siren, I am not sure what I expected really since I have not read many siren's books. 

I love reading about Greek Mythology, I am not sure what I specifically love about it but they always seem to spark my interest, this book was no different. I loved every minute of it. The writing was very well written I ended up reading this in one sitting!

Ryder and Ivy go well together, they are both determined; strong headed and love fiercely. Ivy is shown to drastically change from being confident and so sure of herself to self doubt, insecure person who doesn't stand up for herself. Everything changes after Sam's accident. It kind of annoyed me how throughout the book she thought she was weak whereas before she would stand up for herself. I get that she is grief stricken but the least she could do is stand up for herself when girls are bullying her? She does not need a knight in shining armour to protect her, she is strong enough to do that herself being a siren. Ryder on the other hand, despite having a girlfriend stuck up for Ivy throughout the book, I was there along cheering him on "Go Ryder go!!" especially the bitch scene in the cafeteria was epic! :D

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