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Until I See You Again

Title: Until I See You Again
Author: Joshua Cole
Published: 12th February 2015
My Rating: 3/5
Recommend: Yes

Recently divorced, Amy isn’t looking for another relationship. Then she runs into handsome, gregarious Michael, a friend of the family whom she hasn’t seen in years. Will this chance encounter finally lead to the love Amy has wanted all of her life? Download this short-story today to find out!

This was a very short story about Amy and Michael who meet after so many years at a convention centre, there is that instant reconnection again. 

Amy who is recently divorced from Robert has a son name Tyler. Tyler is apple of his mothers eye and Amy is constantly worried about Robert not looking after their son properly, she is tempted to call him and see how he is doing. Knowing Robert though he loves his job more than her. Then enters Michael, Robert's good friend. He stops coming by one day and just disappears until now.

I really enjoyed the instant chemistry between Amy and Michael, they have secretly had a crush for each other over the last few years so I am glad they finally get together. It was sweet to see them enjoying one another's company and reminiscing about their past.

There isn't really much I can comment on since this was s short story with about 3 chapters but I didn't like where it ended. I wanted to know more about their relationship. Would they end up married? What does Tyler think? I guess I will never know...

Have a fab week!

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