Thursday, 21 April 2016

The Mirror Chronicles #1

Title: The Bell Between Worlds
Author: Ian Jhonstone
Published: 1st January 2015
My Rating: 3/5
Recommend: Yes  

A glorious epic fantasy in the grand tradition of CS Lewis and Philip Pullman. The Mirror Chronicles will take you into another world, and on the adventure of your lifetime…

Half of your soul is missing.The lost part is in the mirror.And unless Sylas Tate can save you, you will never be whole again.

Sylas Tate leads a lonely existence since his mother died. But then the tolling of a giant bell draws him into another world known as the Other, where he discovers not only that he has an inborn talent for the nature-influenced magic of the Fourth Way, but also that his mother might just have come from this strange parallel place.

Meanwhile, evil forces are stirring, and an astounding revelation awaits Sylas as to the true nature of the Other. As violence looms and the stakes get ever higher, Sylas must seek out a girl called Naeo who might just be the other half of his soul – otherwise the entire universe may fall…

I received this book free in an exchange for an honest review

Sylas is empty, feels abandoned and all alone in the world ever since his mother was taken away from him even though he lives with his uncle. I can't say his uncle is a very good role model since all he is capable of is shouting at sylas and telling him how a incompetent fool he is, not a very good thing to hear from your uncle; I did feel like giving him a smack for treating his nephew like that.

Then enters in The shop of Things where Mr Zhi sends Sylas on a mystical quest to the Other to find his glimmer or so call myth. I loved learning about the history of the other even though some of the monster's described are gruesome and absolutely hideous. Sylas and Naeo are the light for the people of suhl. There are many good characters in this book who act as a secondary, such as the likes of; Ash, Bowie, Espen, Filimaya and many more.

Although this was a good book, I know the amount of detail used was to set the scene for this series since this is the first book but I did find it hard to get in to this book as I felt overloaded with the information being thrown at me. I am not very fond of Thoth, its very clear why since he is the enemy though. I do really like this series so I am hoping for much more action, possible romance and less info in the next book

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