Thursday, 24 November 2016

Bookmail & Swag That Will Make You Want More

Since I came back from holiday, I am really behind on a LOT of things. One of those things being blogging. I went on a little hiatus and I hope I am back and motivated to stay on top of it (fingers crossed 🙏). Let's get to it shall we? (also I know I am way overdue with this, sorry for the delay)

1. Knights Whitechapel Poster

Eek! Have you seen how beautiful this is? Being part of the Street team, Kerri wanted to surprise everyone with a special gift, none of us had no idea what it was. All we knew was that it was going to arrive in September. I can't thank Kerri enough for this beautiful gift and best of all it is signed!

2. Heartless and What Light

I have to thank the people at Macmillan publishers for this, I can't wait to dive right in to this. They both seem exceptional novels! I have been dying to read Heartless since I first came upon the title, so THANK YOU very much for this! 💞💞💝😍

3. Empire of Storms

I came upon this whilst I was on FB and I am so glad I did. If you ordered the Empire of Storms, you would get this awesome note book. I love this swag, it makes me swoon. I am yet to read the book but I cannot wait to get in to it.

Can you believe autumn is almost over? I love this season, just because is represents change and starting over. Being a Winter baby means I love December and Winter since I was born in that month! Have you recently got any cool swag? Have you purchased a book this month and in love with it already? Let me know in the comments below.

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