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Movie Review: The Jungle Book

Movie Details:
Title: The Jungle Book
Release Date: 15th April 2016
Cast: Neel Sethi, Bill Muray, Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba, Lupita Nyong'o, Scarlett Johansson, Giancarlo Esposito, Christopher Walken
Rating: 4/5

OHMYGOSH! That cover is so awesome, whoever did the CGI in this movie are INSANELY talented human being (s)!!!!! Can we just stop a second to admire it????

SO I watched this movie twice, once in 2D and then in 3D. And well I can say it was definitely a special experience, you can honestly see the difference of how viewing the film can make a big impact on the audience's experience. This story has captivated millions of hearts for a long time now, and I have personally been waiting for this movie for a very long time.

With a stellar cast like Bill Murray, Idris Elba and the beautiful Scarlett Johansson, The Jungle Book is one of the rare adaptions that surpasses expectations and is very successful at the box office. The old classics like Lion King I and II are still a hit today, movies like this one have the potential to reach the level of their predecessors. Have you seen the CGI? Of course you have, I actually got a little frightened when Sher Khan walked past (didn't we all?)

         (Source: Google)

I mean just look at that??? 😱😰😰 Doesn't that give you the chills? 😖

The epic tale of young Mowgli's begins with the disappearance of his family, raised by wolfs, Mowgli leaves the pack thanks to Shere Khan. Mowgli travels to a near by village with the help of Bagheera, however, Shere Khan has other plans as he intercepts and in the process injures Bagheera trying to kill Mowgli. Mowgli meets Baloo, a bear who is preparing food for hibernation (couldn't we have something like that?) Baloo manages to convince Mowgli to stay for a while and help him. Will Mowgli be safe there? Not according to Bagheera, he needs to be in the man village where the people control the fire.

I always thought The Jungle Book characters were interesting and authentic, each individual has a certain charisma which draws the audience in to their midst, the viewers cannot help but become enchanted. I have this soft spot for Shere Khan and Bagheera, I know he is the baddie in the movie but I cannot help it, I generally love tigers which is why I love the panther too. Idris and Ben deliver their character with perfect accuracy, I just love how they are perfect for their roles. Neel is the heart and soul of the movie, he manages to do the impossible, develop a friendship with the elephants. I also love the notion of elephants being this powerful and divine creature which is true, their strength is immeasurable. The cast is well chosen.

The visual representations in this movie is incomparable, the CGI is the apex of the film. The CGI is so damn real you actually mistake the animals for real, it is even drawing comparisons to James Cameron's movie Avatar, which everyone can agree was movie of the year and the CGI? Oh God, one can only dream of achieving that kind of stardom and praise. I love that, this movie is well deserve of praise. I especially loved the bond between Mowgli and Raksha, it made me want to be in a wolf pack I loved their fierce protectiveness of one another. Another favourite was Akela, you can be damn sure I cried when Shere Khan the little rat killed him 😭😭😭😭😭

(Source: Empire Online)

The film is well formulated, it has everything in there, the sense of wonder every child dreams of watching in every film. It is one of those rare kind of films where you wish you can be part of the film. It's funny, has a lot of drama and suspense making it great to watch it with the family. I love the powerful message this film portrays, it shows family can be anyone they don't have to be blood related (apparently animals comes in to this category too).

Have you watched the Disney classic? What did you think? Share your wonderful insights below. Until next time!

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  1. I saw this one in cinemas a few months ago, in 3D. It worked really well. I was a bit disappointed with the music pieces they chose to include. It didn't feel out of place, but I didn't enjoy the songs as much as I did in the original. Loved the animation and visuals. It leaves you speechless, really.

    1. I can agree with you there, I didn't really much like The Bare Necessities song. I very much preferred the animated version. It does, what they did with this movie was absolutely phenomenal.


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